What is the commonality in these responses?
About ⅔ of the respondents said that they did believe in luck. Something interesting though was a lot of the reasons why some people believe and why some do not were the same concept of there being no proof. It was almost like asking people to look at a cup and hear some say it’s half empty or half full.

Do you relate to any of the explanations?
Honestly a lot of explanations- especially those who took it seriously- were really ambiguous, which I thought was cool. Since they were pretty personal and vague it’s hard to relate to most of them. I found myself agreeing with answers (both yes and no) as I read them, even if they did not reflect my instinctual beliefs.

What responses really resonated you?
21 // Yes // We must have something to believe in right?
21 // Yes // because I have lost all of it
21 // No // Don't believe in coincidences
21 // No // luck is a construct for the untalented
22 // Yes // You can't choose your parents
22 // Yes // if luck wasn’t real I wouldn’t be getting in trouble for wearing a red hawaiian shirt
24 // No // Everything happens for a reason

Did responses vary with age?
There was not enough from each age group to really be able to tell, although the older people were the more “responsibility” they took for luck, whether they said it was something they believed in or not. On the other hand younger respondents were more vague in answers.


For those who say they believe, does it seem like they rely on luck?
They seem to think of it as more of an explanation of how events turn out rather than a cause for it. Like luck is all about hindsight and not an in the moment kind of thing.

How is the this project going so far?
It’s going well but I’m just not feeling very enthusiastic this week.

Any other concerns?
One thing I really hate is unfinished business. When I was in second grade Dr Seuss gave me an existential crisis when he never told us if the butter-side-up or butter-side-down team wins the butter battle fight. Mike is doing something like this for his project this week and that really bothers me.

I (Mike) was going through my Facebook and found this photo of Tori and I in Belgium near the "Pissing Boy" statue in Brussels. Crazy how time has flown but we are still hanging out!

Ask people do you believe in luck (at least 40):
Q1: Do you believe in luck?
My answer: Yes
Q2: Why or why not?
My answer: I believe in "vibes", which i feel is sort of like luck, in that when you put out good vibes, through positive body language and smiles, the world notices and more positive things happen to you based on this.

What is the commonality in these responses?
I noticed that a lot of people responded with unoriginal thoughts. Things that they had heard, rather than actually opinions or explanations as to why or why not they believe in luck. A little disappointing to be honest. I would have liked more thoughtful explanations rather than stuff you just get out of a fortune cookie.

Do you relate to any of the explanations?
I really enjoyed the response: “I believe you can create luck with a good attitude. However, some people get sick for no good reason”. It was by a 52 year old person who believes in luck, no idea who that is, but it is interesting that even though we are 30 years apart in age, we still are very much on that same wave length for intangible thoughts.

What responses intrigued you?
I am still scratching my head about: “Because I've seen the Avatars of luck do battle. When flipping a coin, our luck avatars are what decide the outcome. Otherwise the universe wouldn't know which side to land face up, heads or tails.” It was written by a 21 year old who believes in luck and I have to be honest, this person had to have been really high because I am just so amazed by this answer!

Did responses vary with age?
Yes, but I think we would need a larger sample size to really get a feel for it. I noticed that the answers given by the older respondents seemed as though they were more thought out and honest, whereas the responses from the younger participants seemed very “fortune cookie” -esque.

For those who say they believe, does it seem like they rely on luck?
I don’t think so. To me, relying on luck is like relying on yourself making a half court shot at the NBA finals to win $500,000 and then retire. It would be awesome if it happened, but you better be working on your jumper and have a plan B.

How is the this project going so far?
Going well. I REALLY like my creation this week. Black light paint is so fun! I’ve noticed my pieces about Luck are much more inspired and bright than the ones about Fear.

Any other concerns?
We’ve been having some really awesome conversations in class about LUCK vs FAITH vs CHANCE and it makes me wish we would record it… oh well.